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2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part B

Assessment of scrotal disorders using ultrasonography and Color Doppler Imaging
Dr. Sunil Akhani and Dr. Diksha Kalariya
Background and Aim: An acute scrotum is defined as acute pain with or without scrotal swelling, may be accompanied by local signs or general symptoms. Ultrasound is an ideal imaging modality for the evaluation of scrotum in pediatric patients. Scrotal ultrasound can differentiate between solid and cystic masses and localize the mass as either testicular or Para testicular. The present study was aimed to know role of ultrasound and color Doppler imaging in the diagnosis of scrotal disorders.
Material and Methods: It was prospective study conducted at Tertiary care teaching Hospital. We observed total 200 patients referred to the department of Radiodiagnosis for scrotal ultrasonography and Doppler study by the department of Surgery. Clinical history was obtained along with thorough physical examination before subjecting the patients for ultrasound examination. The Grey scale & color Doppler ultrasound routinely performed in all these patients.
Results: Majority of cases had inflammatory lesion (32%) followed by hydrocele (28%), hernia (9%), undescended testis (8%) and scrotal tumors (3%). In majority of cases left side involved (36%) followed by right side (32%) while 64 cases bilateral side involved. With color doppler appearance of inflammatory scrotal pathology we found that there were 19 cases of acute epididymo orchitis, 10 cases with diffuse increase in vascularity. Among 5 cases of chronic epididymo-orchitis, 4 cases showed increase in vascularity.
Conclusion: High-frequency ultrasonography enables in clear demonstration of morphological alterations associated with acute scrotal inflammatory diseases, and color Doppler sonography is highly sensitive in diagnosing acute scrotal pathology. In addition, Color Doppler sonography accurately differentiates between testicular ischemia and torsion from acute inflammatory diseases in acute painful scrotal conditions.
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Dr. Sunil Akhani, Dr. Diksha Kalariya. Assessment of scrotal disorders using ultrasonography and Color Doppler Imaging. Int J Radiol Diagn Imaging 2023;6(1):79-82. DOI: 10.33545/26644436.2023.v6.i1b.307
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