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2021, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B

CT guided biopsy of lung lesions
Dr. T Rajani and Dr. Aluka Sundeep Kund Reddy
Introduction: Computed Tomography (CT) Biopsy is a corrigible coruscate procedure that corrected the discrepancy of the results between final biopsy and unguided Biopsy. CT guidance permits biopsy of nearly all lesions regardless of size and position. Recognition of the accuracy of biopsy and simple methods of treating pneumothorax has brought this method within the reach of most radiologist and pathologist. Infections and other neoplastic process may be proven by this method. In cases of malignancy of the lungs, cytopathological examination of material obtained by CT guided biopsy offers a quick and specific diagnosis which help clinicians implement appropriate anticancer measures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The present study is undertaken to determine the accuracy and efficacy of percutaneous biopsy in diagnosis of various lung lesions, and correlate the concordance with available results and available other methods. An interest to analyse the age, gender, topographic distribution and cytopathological diagnosis of thoracic mass lesions using CT guided biopsy is specially stepped in the current study.
Aim: To assess the role of Computed tomography (CT) guided biopsy in the diagnosis of thoracic mass lesion and to analyse and compare the results with other studies. To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and complication of Computed tomography (CT) guided biopsy in thoracic masses. To know the pathological spectrum of thoracic mass lesions and to correlate CT findings with cytopathological report.
Methods: This Prospective study was done at Nizam’s Institute of medical sciences, Hyderabad, surrounded by thickly populated districts which provide surplus material for doing research work and is also fully equipped with all the required modes and means for researches and health care. This study was conducted totally at indoor site including both OPD and IPD males and females from both urban and rural exclusively adults. Fifty one cases having Lung masses both malignant and benign were selected and subjected to CT guided biopsy. Statistical analysis was carried out by Using SPSS soft ware version 12.
Results: Majority of the patients with lung masses in present study were males who constituted 66.6% and the females were 33.4%. Minimum age was of 22yrs and maximum age was of 92 yrs from the patients of this study. The mean age is 57 yrs. The chief etiological factor for the initiation of the pathogenesis of lung masses was found to be smoking. Out of the total cases included for the study 49% were malignant and 37% were benign lung masses. The complications observed were very few only in 8 cases (15.8%) in total of 51 cases selected for the study. The pneumothorax was noticed in 13.7% and haemoptysis in 1.9%.
Conclusion: This CT guided biopsy stands as fruitful topic for study will be to elucidate the diagnostic and prognostic procedures in chest. This procedure of diagnosis with prosaic complications like Pneumothorax or Haemothorax or Haemoptysis and with its mosaic results outstands and extends its scope of study.
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International Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
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Dr. T Rajani, Dr. Aluka Sundeep Kund Reddy. CT guided biopsy of lung lesions. Int J Radiol Diagn Imaging 2021;4(1):96-102. DOI: 10.33545/26644436.2021.v4.i1b.169
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